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Meet Mitchell Khuri: 24 Year Old Account Executive

It’s officially 2019, and for all of us here at Mullan Inc., that means it’s the perfect time to show appreciation to our team. We are looking forward to another year of growth, success, and friendship. This month, we decided to celebrate that by sitting down with one of our account executives, Mitchell Khuri.

Mitchell Khuri was born and raised in Jefferson, Indiana, where he lived for 24 years until moving to Jacksonville. “As a kid, I was definitely social and outgoing,” says Khuri, “I was always running around the neighborhood with the local kids and doing anything and everything outside.” An outgoing kid, Khuri played tennis and swam in high school, as well as being a member of the choir for most of his life. “I’ve always been competitive,” says Khuri, “I always believe that if you’re going to do something you should be the best at it, or at least try to be.”

Management is not a new experience for Khuri, as he spent years managing a local Cracker Barrel franchise before joining the team. “I started at Cracker Barrel when iw as 18,” says Khuri, “I moved up the ladder and by the time I was 23, I was general manager. Working at Cracker Barrel helped shape my work ethic along with the example my parents set for me.”

Khuri officially started with Mullan on October 27th, 2018. “I never thought I’d end up doing what I do,” says Khuri, “but it is a great fit for my personality. Immediately, I loved the fast paced environment and I loved the way we treat our employees. Coming from a corporate world, it definitely wasn’t the norm to be treated as part of a caring team.” As for the culture at Mullan, Khuri described it in three words, “fun but determined.”

Since joining our team, Khuri has added such value and personality to our business, but he says that exchange is a mutual one. “This career has made me a much more routine person,” says Khuri, “I now have a consistent sleep schedule and feel healthier and happier. I have learned how to identify and speak to every type of person effectively.”

As for his goals, Mitchell Khuri has his eye on the prize. “I would like to be promoted to assistant management within six months, and management within a year.” With a work ethic like his, we feel confident he will get there.


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