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Meet Katrina Lee: Account Executive

Mullan Inc. wants to take a moment to celebrate one of our strongest team members, Katrina Lee. Lee has been an account executive with our team since December of 2018 and has reached great heights since then. Born in Lewiston, Maine, the business-woman spent her childhood years in neighboring Livermore, Maine. “The childhood experiences that were most influential in my life were the simple things,” says Lee, “I enjoyed playing outdoors with my friends. My childhood friends and I enjoyed walking trails, riding bikes, swimming and fishing in the lake. In the winters we enjoyed building snow forts, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing.”

In her younger years, Lee was a determined and upbeat kid and was highly involved. “I stayed very busy with sports,” says Lee, “I participated in dance for about fifteen years. I enjoyed hip-hop, lyrical, and tap dancing. I was a cheerleader as well. I did sideline cheering for football when I was younger and got into competitive cheering in high school. I played field hockey in the summers and fall throughout middle and high school.” Like many of her fellow businessmen and women, Lee was highly influenced by the competitive environment in which she thrived as a kid. “That involvement shaped me into the competitive person I am today,” says Lee, “I love to win, but who doesn’t? I think, more importantly, playing sports taught me how to be resilient and relentless. No matter how many points we were down by, or if we missed a beat in a dance routine, or messed up a stunt in a cheering routine- you keep going, do your best, and give it your all.”

After high school graduation, Lee packed her bags and began her studies at Central Maine Community College. Her childhood dream job was to be a personal trainer, and Lee dedicated her collegiate studies to my nursing. “I had no idea I would end up in this field, but I am so happy I did,” says Lee, “this is the dream job that I never dreamt of.”

So how did this Maine resident make her way down the coast to our office in Jacksonville? A leap of faith. “One life experience that truly changed my life was moving to Jacksonville,” says Lee, “my life in Maine was looking so predictable, and I did not like that one bit. I knew which hospital I was going to work at and how much money I was going to make. Everyone knew everyone. Moving to Jacksonville inspired me to try new things and take full advantage of all opportunities and adventures that life has to offer.”

One of our favorite things about having Katrina Lee on the team is her unending positivity. She herself would mark that positive mindset as her strongest quality. “I always have a reason to smile,” says Lee, “I can find good in everyone and in every situation. I truly believe there is always a Brightside.”

Despite her surprise, Lee’s first encounters with the Mullan Inc team sold her completely. “I was looking to try a new career that I’ve never done before,” says Lee, “Mullan stood out to me because of the welcoming work environment and the advancement opportunities. What I loved most about the company was how it is performance based. No one is getting promoted because of how long they have worked there or because of favoritism. Every promotion within this business is truly earned from working hard and hitting your goals.”

“I can honestly say that Mullan Inc. provides the best work environment that I have ever experience. It is a great balance of fun, competitive, and professional. We are one big family at Mullan. We all want to win, but more importantly, we want each other to win. We are always pushing each other to be our best and crush our goals. I have learned so much through working here, including self-development, management skills, and how to be the best leader for my team.”

As for her goals, Katrina Lee has her eye on the prize. “Five years from now, I see myself having my own business with an amazing team,” says Lee, “I do my best to lead by example every single day from answering questions to hands-on guidance and support. I also lead by example by simply setting the standards and the pace.”



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