Our Company

Mullan Inc is a privately owned direct marketing company that specializes in business acquisitions for one of the largest mobile communication companies in the world. Our focus is to bridge the gap between our client and customers by working with small to medium-sized business owners and qualified consumers at their place of business. We thrive on the idea of “Multiplying Success” for our clients, customers, company, and team!

In order to follow through on our mission to see success multiplying in all aspects, Mullan Inc has tried and true practices. First and foremost, we believe that success starts with the people you choose to surround yourself with. Our team started with a small, core group of motivated, talented, and dedicated individuals that have followed through on their mission to provide the opportunity to every person they speak to. This leads to our belief that when you give quality service to quality customers, success is a given.

Our client loves the quality and is ready for more! Mullan Inc is currently serving the Jacksonville area with goals of expansion in the near future. To learn more about our projected growth, check out our website at https://mullaninc.com or follow us on Twitter!