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Introducing Andrew Walsh: Account Manager at Mullan Inc

Meet Andrew Walsh, an account manager here at Mullan Inc!

Walsh was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida. A happy and outgoing kid, Walsh simply could not be slowed down. “I was very outgoing,” says Walsh, “I always liked to mess around and have a good time.” In his free time, Walsh could have been found playing any number of sports, including basketball and soccer. “I didn’t know what I was going to do with my future,” says Walsh, “I was thinking about engineering, law or business, but I was pretty open-minded.”

In 2010, Walsh graduated from high school and packed his bags for Florida Atlantic University. A dedicated student, Walsh studied business and earned his degree in finance this past December. Through his business studies, Walsh began planting the seeds for this career he holds now.

Walsh joined the Mullan team only two months ago and has already completely fallen into the rhythm. “I immediately liked the opportunity provided for me,” says Walsh, “I was excited about being able to work my way up to eventually owning my own business.”

As for the culture, Walsh is in love. “We have such a strong culture here,” says Walsh, “very family oriented, we are all great friends.” Walsh contributes to that culture each and every day with his positive mindset and solid work ethic.

The experience at Mullan has gifted Walsh with many lessons in the past few months, but one stands out in particular for the account manager. “I’ve learned how to have better interactions when meeting new people in the business,” says Walsh.

The past two months have moved quickly for Andrew Walsh, and she shows no signs of slowing down. “I hope to get promoted up to owning my own office, and be able to promote out a few other offices as well.”


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